Step 1

Application Form

Online Application Form

Fill now the online application form to start your journey in Salahaldin International School. Click the button below or the image above.

Step 2

Application Feedback

School sends application feedback

to the Parents

School sends application feedback

You will receive a feedback about the application you have just made. School will inform you whether you application is accepted or not. According to your application status, you may proceed further for your admission in SIS.

Step 3

Interview / Assessment

Setting the interview / assessment date

By the admission office

Setting the Interview / Assessment Date

Admission office contacts parents about setting up a suitable date and time for the interview and assessment. Kindly make sure that the communication mediums you provided in the application form (your phone or email address) are accessible.

Also make sure that the following requirements are ready before coming to the interview.

  • Completed and signed admission application form.
  • Copy from the student’s birth certificate.
  • Copy from last two report cards.

  • Copy from parents’ passports or ID Father – Mother.
  • Recommendation or behavior letter for the student from his/her previous school.

الاوراق المطلوبة للالتحاق والتسجيل بالمدرسة للطلبة قبل امتحان التقديم

  • ملء استمارة الالتحاق
  • صورة من شهادة الميلاد
  • صورة من اخر شهادتين دراسيتين للطالب
  • صورة من جواز سفر او بطاقة ولى الامر الاب – الام
  • خطاب تزكية من المدرسة السابقة يوضح سلوك الطالب

Step 4

Placement test

Interview & Assessment Test

In the School Premises

Applicant enters the Interview & takes the placement test

Be ready on time according to your assessment and interview appointment in the school premises. Admission officer will guide you through the interview and assessment process.

Step 5

Assessment results

School sends assessment results

Within one week

Informing parents about assessment results

Admission office will inform parents about the interview and assessment results within one week. According to the results you make continue to admission process or school might reject your application.

Step 6

Submitting documents

Providing the main documents

to start registration process

Parents submit initial documents

Once the candidate student passes the interview and assessment, parents submit the required documents to start the registration process. Student affairs will contact you about the main document required for the initial phase.

Step 7

Signing contract

Signing the contract

By the finance office

Parents sign the contract with Finance office

Finance office will prepare the payment plan suitable for you. Agreeing upon payment and other legal terms and conditions, parents and the finance office will sign the school contract.

Step 8

Completing documents

Submitting all required documents

to the Student Affairs

Parents submit all required documents

Finally parents are required to submit all remaining documents in order to complete the official registration with the Ministry system.

Step 9



School completes official registration

Sit back, relax, and rest assured that your child is receiving the best education in Egypt while our Admission office completes the official registration process.

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