Children are inherently and intuitively curious naturalists. They’re sponges for knowledge, absorbing, retaining, and using new information at incredible rates.
Researches have proven that raising a pet helps children gain different information and develop positive values. The traits and psychological benefits your child will develop around animals will aid them in nearly every aspect of their lives.
Suppose a child grows up with a family pet. In that case, it helps them to create many positive childhood memories and build experiences with their beloved pet, such as feeding, petting, playing, and even sharing unforgettable moments.
In this regard, the KG department has organized “PETS DAY.” The objective from this day is to raise the children’s awareness about the love of pets, teaching them responsibility, mercy about other creatures God has created, enhance their reading skills about their favorite pets, develop their sense of compassion, and how to take care of others’ basic needs.
A specialized company came on that day and presented different types of animals to our students and shared with them some information about these animals, their habitats, the food they eat, their skin coverings, their characteristics, some interesting facts, also there was a time for our students to ask questions, explore more and gain new information.
Our lovable students enjoyed the activity and learned something new.