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With students, parents, and teachers all on the same page and working together toward shared goals, we can ensure that students make progress each year and graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college, career, and life.


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British Curriculum

Teaching Standards at SIS


“Salahaldin International School offers a rigorous, well-balanced course of study based on the British National Curriculum in English and Math and other state standards aligned with the National Curriculum in other subjects. The National Curriculum creates clear, consistent learning goals for what students are expected to learn, developing higher-order thinking skills. Curriculum guides in SIS are developed collaboratively based on these standards to guide daily instruction in the classroom.”

With students, parents, and teachers all on the same page and working together toward shared goals, we can ensure that students make progress each year and graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college, career, and life.

Read the Standards | Common Core State Standards Initiative (2022).

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Our curriculum offers many opportunities for students to extend their knowledge in several subject areas:

  • English Language Arts (Literature and Creative Writing are taught as separate courses in higher grades)
  • Mathematics (Algebra, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus are taught in higher grades)
  • Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are taught as separate courses in high school)
  • Humanities (Economics, Business, Political Science, Sociology, and Psychology are taught as elective courses in high school)
  • Arabic Language Studies
  • Second Languages (French & German)
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Fine Arts (Visual Arts and Music)
  • Physical Education

Key Competencies for Success

We believe that our students are the artists, scientists, thinkers, innovators and leaders of the future. They will be tasked with solving the problems of today, while imagining and creating a new tomorrow. Thus, competencies are critical for equipping students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that they will need to successfully navigate their personal journeys in learning, living and working. In SIS, our curriculum is designed and aligned to a number of competencies to help students draw and build upon what they know, how they think and what they can do.

Personalized Assessment Techniques for Students’ Progress.


Assessment allows teachers and students to monitor progress towards achieving learning objectives. The school implements quizzes, chapter tests, projects, and other in-class assignments as formative assessment techniques in addition to 6 benchmark summative assessments throughout the year. The school also administers the MAP Growth test to measure students’ progress in math, reading, and language usage at the beginning of the academic year and at its end to make the necessary academic decisions. As a computer adaptive test (CAT), MAP is designed to adapt to each student’s level by refining the question selection based on the student’s response, which helps in accurately determining students’ strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, personalized plans are chosen based on each student’s RIT score specified by the MAP Growth test.


A variety of instructional resources are implemented in the school to meet these standards, including standards-aligned Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) e-textbooks with its interactive features on Thinkcentral and Holt McDougal Online platforms, in addition to a rich on-campus library with over 6,000 books in different fields.


Technology is currently being used by teachers and administrators to promote effective classroom instruction and school management at SIS. All students have access to educational digital resources to support the curriculum and all parents have access to the student information system to monitor the student progress and communicate with teachers and administrators. The school uses employs a number of online educational platforms including:

Jupiter ED

Students use JupiterEd as a Learning Platform to access interactive and engaging content, track their progress, communicate with teachers, and stay on top of their homework.


It is a personalized learning platform with a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, individualized guidance, and real-time analytics.

Renaissance myON Reader

It is a student-centered, personalized literacy environment that gives students access to more than 6,000 enhanced digital books.

Khan Academy

The website provides a free personalized learning experience that is built on the videos and other features such as progress tracking, practice exercises, and teaching tools.

Apple and Google Classroom Apps

These education-friendly apps help facilitate learning for digital learners today. They bring the benefits of paperless sharing and digital collaboration to classrooms.



In 2017, SIS was one of the first schools in Egypt to officially get an Apple License and completely deployed the Apple management system for all students from grades 3 to 12. Starting with the 2017-2018 academic year, SIS began implementing an iPad education program with over 150 educational applications.



To ensure the holistic development of students, SIS offers a variety of co-curricular programs that match their needs and interests, including subject weeks, sports days and tournaments, after-school clubs, science fairs, field trips, in addition to in-school and international contests in different subject areas. Our students also won top positions in International competitions such as the Thailand Math competition, Genius Olympiad, and VIlipo.



Our students, as stated in SIS vision, are prepared to engage and contribute in a global society while being dedicated to traditional values. Therefore, the study of the Arabic language as well as Egypt’s culture and heritage are highly promoted in compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education. Students also have many opportunities to participate in national and cultural events organized by the school to preserve their cultural identity.



On the other hand, we take pride in embracing a global perspective by engaging students in learning about global issues in this interconnected world. Being a member of the Global Schools Program, we work on integrating the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), organizing Model UN conferences, celebrating UN international days, and participating in other activities that empower students as positive active global citizens.

Montessori Education in KG

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” 

Welcome to the Ice Wolves, the coolest hockey team in town

~ Maria Montessori

Inspired by Maria Montessori’s philosophy, our Montessori education program at SIS aims to activate a child’s natural desire to learn. Students engage in a well-rounded learning experience across various domains

Practical Life

Activities that foster independence, fine motor skills, and concentration, such as pouring, spooning, washing, dressing, and cleaning.


Hands-on exploration of size, shape, color, texture, sound, taste, and smell to refine and enhance sensory perceptions.


Concrete, hands-on learning with materials like number rods, golden beads, and spindle boxes to explore quantity, numerals, place value, and mathematical operations.


Rich language environment through storytelling, conversation, and activities that develop vocabulary, reading, writing, and grammar skills.


Exploration and experimentation with the natural world, studying plants, animals, and scientific phenomena.

History and Geography

Learning about continents, countries, and cultures using maps, flags, and hands-on globes to develop global awareness and geography skills.

Art and Creativity

Valuing artistic expression and creativity through exploration of various art mediums and engaging in creative projects.

Social and Emotional Development

Nurturing empathy, conflict resolution skills, and a sense of community within the classroom.

Practical Skills

Emphasis on practical skills like self-care, environmental responsibility, grace, courtesy, and becoming responsible members of the classroom community.

Robotics CLASS

Experience the future of education with Robotics at Salahaldin International School (SIS), where learning goes beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. Our Robotics program is designed to provide students with a hands-on learning experience, fostering a deep understanding and passion for Technology and Engineering.

Meticulously Crafted Curriculum

Our primary goal is to inspire students through a meticulously crafted curriculum, ensuring they actively engage with fundamental disciplines, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

Practical Skills Emphasis

Move beyond theory and embrace practical skills. Our program places a strong emphasis on active participation, allowing students to build, program, and innovate, providing a holistic understanding of technology that extends far beyond textbooks.

Explore the Future

Dive into the future with projects that delve into AI and machine learning. Our curriculum encourages creative thinking, preparing students to meet the demands of evolving technology with confidence and innovation.

Join us at SIS, where Robotics Education is not just a course but a journey into the realms of technology and engineering. Empower your child to actively shape the future by providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of the modern world.