Project Description

Spain Trip

SIS is extremely excited to announce that we will be organizing an enjoyable trip to one of the most visited and the most stunning destinations; SPAIN.

This lovely trip is planned for the dates of March 29 to April 4, 2020. The trip is open for all students of grade 5-10 only.

During the trip, students will have the opportunity to experience visiting many different places to get familiar with rich diversities of the country such as national parks, ancient sites, famous soccer stadiums, various museums, and some places unique to Spanish culture.

The participants will also be offered other exciting attractions, including city tours, a day trip to the theme park with lots of adventures, shopping at the most well-known malls in the city.

By arranging this exciting trip to Spain, SIS aims to instill the sense of gaining as much experience as possible about different cultures in the world and embracing the diversities of identities.

They will also be able to improve their life skills of communication, self-confidence, independence, responsibility, being global citizens during the trip. Students will be accompanied and supervised by their school teachers, administrators, and travel agency representatives during the whole trip.