I can’t believe how time flies and how every year the 100th day of school is a remarkable event for the Kindergarten Department. Yet, we keep trying to tell our dearest students that we still have 80 more days to go after those 100!!!

Excitedly!!! It’s a kindergarten tradition to celebrate this event in a grand style and help our students feel this day with a lot of activities. The students and teachers here at SIS were hugely excited to celebrate this day, which combines a lot of fun and learning.

The Kindergarten students have passed 100 days in SIS, which is a new milestone in our students’ lives that was full of learning, hard work, activities, fun, events, challenges, and more to come in the remaining 80 days!!!

During the 100th day celebration, our students with their teachers played games, painted shirts, dressed up, shared food, took photos at 100 years of age, and much, much more.

Our little ones looked terrific; they showed a lot of creativity while dressing up as if they are 100 years old.

 It was a memorable day that was filled with fun!

Well done, kgs!

We are waiting for your next adventure!